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Pain Assessment System

A system used to assess the pain level in medical facilities. It is a device designed for health care as well as those who have in mind the pain experienced by the patients.

The main purpose of the measurement is to determine the severity of pain at different points in time and to increase the efficiency of pain treatment. Regular verification of pain intensity levels allows for a better understanding of the patient and their recovery.

Through the use of the PAS system, the information on the pain of all patients is accessible for all who treat them. The system enables working on statistical data, generating pain level charts and comparing several trends at the same time.

PAS allows for upgrading and automation of hospital procedures. It improves the working conditions of nurses and enables the automatic data digitalisation. It represents a very important step in terms of monitoring pain levels in hospitals.

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PAS home

PAS is a complete home care system for allowing the remote patient care requires ongoing observation. By using the GSM network can be continuous communication between patient and doctor.


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